22 Years In Jail For Man Who Shot Teen Mum Dead With Her Dads Shotgun

A man who borrowed a shotgun from his teenage wife’s father to shoot pigs, and instead used it to kill her, has been jailed for 22 years, leaving their infant son without parents.

A picture shared on his Facebook page shows Felipe Silva Gomes lying tenderly alongside an infant, reportedly his newborn son, in the same month he is alleged to have killed the child’s mother.

And he has now been sentenced by a court in the Brazilian municipality of Sao Gabriel do Oeste to 21 years and four months in prison for homicide on 30th April, as well as an additional year and 10 days for criminal possession of a weapon, as the gun that he had borrowed to shoot pigs he was not legally authorised to have.


Gomes, 20, was found guilty of shooting dead his wife, 17-year-old Nicole Teixeira Amorim, in January last year.

He shot Nicole twice, in the head and chest, following an argument over her alleged infidelity. The teen was taken to hospital but died of her injuries en route.

According to the local news site ‘Diario do Estado’, he shot Nicole with her father’s shotgun, which he had lent his son-in-law to hunt pigs on the farm he worked on.


According to the news site, the couple was in the process of separation and Gomes had promised to make sure the separation went amicably.

But instead, he used the gun to kill her.

Gomes subsequently confessed his actions to the police, to whom he was known, as he had a criminal record for assault using a vehicle, disturbing the peace and theft.


He had also spent time at a correctional facility for the crimes, which he committed when he was a teenager.

Nicole left behind son aged two months at the time, whose father is Gomes and who was reportedly at the scene of the crime.

Gomes has three days to appeal the sentence as of 6th May.

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