Adorable Moment Parrot Reacts While Watching TikTok Video With Similar Parrot

This is the adorable moment a ‘star’ parrot reacts enthusiastically while watching a TikTok video featuring another parrot just like it.

The parrot’s explosion of emotions was filmed in Townsville city in Australia and posted on the TikTok platform on 30th April.

In the video posted by TikTok user ‘zoologistmitch’ the blue parrot named Frank who is three years old has a fascinated reaction while watching a TikTok video with the Indian Ringneck known as Hamlet who is also a parrot.


Frank’s reaction accumulated almost two million hearts on TikTok and seven million views.

Chris Mitchell who is a conservationist for animal welfare and strongly against illegal wildlife trade is Frank’s caretaker. He told Clipzillla: “He’s a rescue bird from an abusive home.”

“He absolutely loves eating fruit and veggies, and chilli is his favourite.”

Also, the animal lover said that Frankie is loving all kinds of attention. On the TikTok platform, Frankie especially loves watching Kiko and Hamlet who are other star parrots like him.

Frank is a blue Indian Ringneck parakeet, a very popular pet. This kind of parrots are so smart, but ringnecks get bored very quickly, and will often resort to chewing and other destructive behaviour if they feel neglected.

This species is widespread in many parts of Asia, notably India and Pakistan as well as in the western and southern areas of Sudan and the Middle East

The TikTok users were quick to leave comments under the video post like the user named ‘i_am_kyralynn’ who said:” That’s the cutest thing in the world.”

And the user ‘eloosbeth’ commented:” This has revived my cold, dead heart.”

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