Adorable Moment Puppy Plays With Baby At Labrador Breeders Home In Lithuania

This is the adorable moment a curious puppy plays with a baby in its bouncer at a Labrador breeder’s home in Lithuania.

Labrador retriever kennel owner and breeder Gintare Tamosiuniene shared the cute clip on her Instagram page ‘Ambasadorius’ where it has been viewed nearly 120,000 times.

Gintare, who runs the Ambasadorius kennel in Lithuania, said: “This is how our little ones grow and socialise.”

The puppy and the baby that were cuddling each other in Lithuania. (@ambasadorius/Newsflash)

She told Newsflash: “Ambasadorius means unity, goodness, friendship. In general, this is good news because Labradors are a device for good and positive emotions.

“They are always in a good mood, they are always ready to believe you, please you, be with you, and do everything you say or think. It is a breed of endless love and devotion.

“They aren’t aggressive, they are big balls of love. Children are their best friends. Labradors themselves are like little children. We are enthusiasts of this breed who are just passionate about these wonderful pets.

A puppy cuddles with a baby in Lithuania. (@ambasadorius/Newsflash)

“We also travel in various shows in different countries around the world. Our kennel also has world champions and national winners of the biggest shows in many countries.”

Gintare told Newsflash: “In the video, you can see little Julius with Robbie Williams Ambasadorius. This video was filmed very recently.

“It is a snippet of our daily life, this is what we live for. We spend time together, eat together, sleep, travel together – it is a part of our family.”


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