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Amazing Escape Of Tricycle As A Massive Roof Crashes Onto Street

The driver of this slow-moving tricycle had an incredible escape after a massive corrugated roof flew off a building and smashed into the waterlogged streets below.

The remarkable images were captured by CCTV in the city of Shangqiu in eastern Henan province in Central China.

The footage shows the slow-moving tricycle with the cream-coloured awning braving the waterlogged streets.

An iron shed nearly hits moving vehicle as its blown on the street in Shangqiu, China, on 1st August 2021. (AsiaWire)

The driver is not able to see what’s happening above his head because of the awning, but a dark shadow appears on the surface of the water, and slowly grows larger as the huge chunk of roof flies down towards the unsuspecting vehicle.

It then crashes exactly on the spot where the three wheeler was moments before, before crunching to the side with a loud crash as the three wheeler vanishes safely off into the distance.

Local weather services had warned of extreme weather taking it risky to go out, yet despite that the three wheel driver and a couple of others were still on the street which could easily have proved deadly if the massive roof had landed just a few inches to one side.

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