Ambulance Overtakes Lorry And Crashes Head-On Into Audi Killing The Driver

This is the shocking moment an ambulance driver tries to overtake a lorry and crashes head-on into a white Audi, leaving the driver dead and three ambulance occupants in a serious condition.

The incident took place on the Yalta-Sevastopol H19 Highway near the town of Gaspra in the autonomous republic of Crimea on 28th April.

The crash was filmed by the dash-cam of nearby driver and the footage was later shared on the social network VK.


The accident reportedly killed the driver of the Audi while three people in the ambulance were taken to hospital in a serious condition.

It remains unclear whether the ambulance driver was sounding the siren when the accident took place and the local authorities are investigating the circumstances leading up to the crash.

In the dash-cam clip, the ambulance is seen crossing over to the other side of the road to overtake a lorry.


Meanwhile, the ambulance’s lights seem to be flashing while no siren is heard in the footage.

The ambulance appears directly in front of a white Audi and the driver has no time to take evasive action.

The two vehicles crash head-on and the back of the ambulance is seen lifting off the ground due to the force of the impact.


The second video shows the aftermath of the accident after the emergency services arrived on the scene to deal with the victims and wreckage of both vehicles. It appears that the road is a single lane road in the direction the ambulance was travelling in, and a dual-lane road in the direction of the oncoming traffic and the Audi.

The investigation is ongoing.

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