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Controversial Cliffhanger Installation That Ruins Perfect Alpine View To Be Removed In September

These images show a controversial art installation on the side of a picturesque Austrian cliff next to a waterfall that visitors complain has ruined the shot for tourists wanting to take pictures of the idyllic site. Now the art installation, called “Cliffhanger”, which is located at the Mirafalls in the Austrian federal state of Lower Austria, on the Oetschergraeben River, in the Oetscher-Tormaeuer nature park, is due to be removed in September after causing outrage over the cost and allegations that it is spoiling the view. The art installation, which ...
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Weenie Pocket Underpants Reveal Fashion Sense Of Habsburg Royals During The Renaissance

A yellow pair of silky underpants with a weenie pocket knitted in the front will showcase the fashion style of the House of Habsburg royals during the renaissance in an exhibition in Austria. High-class Habsburg clothing among which a pair underwear with a pocket especially knitted for Augustus Elector of Saxony's manhood will be exhibited in the Ambras Castle which is a part of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in the German city of Innsbruck. Augustus was the youngest child and third (but second surviving) son of Henry IV, Duke of Saxony, ...
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A New Species Of Shrimp Has Been Discovered In A Zoo Aquarium

An unknown species of shrimp that has apparently lived undetected in a zoo's reef aquarium probably since it was but 20 years ago has been confirmed by experts. The Tiergarten Schonbrunn zoo located in the city of Vienna in Austria reported that a new species of shrimp was living in the waters of the reef aquarium on Thursday on 17th June 2021. The little fellow was named Heteromysis schoenbrunnensis after the zoo, and was discovered by a marine scientist from the Haus des Meeres (House of the Sea in English) ...
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Gestapo Staged Hunt The Jew Shooting Party In Last Days Of The War

As Russian forces closed in on the Austrian capital Vienna in the last days of the war an elite group of SS officers, Gestapo leaders and local socialites gathered for a party where the highlight was to shoot a Jew. After the massacre of dozens of Jewish prisoners, who were being kept at a castle in a village in southern Burgenland near the Hungarian border, the partygoers continued drinking, leaving the remaining prisoners to bury the bodies. The bodies were never discovered, but now digging has begun under the watchful ...
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Mother Saves Baby Hare’s Life By Feeding It Her Breast Milk

A nursing mum has given her breast milk to this adorable baby hare after her husband rescued it from a building site where it had been accidentally dug up. The man, who was not named, was working as a lorry driver at a construction site in the city of Linz in Austria when the baby hare was dug up. It was clearly in a state of shock and with no chance of survival as its home had been destroyed, so the kindhearted man decided to rescue it and alert a ...
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Two Newborn Prairie Dogs Born Underground Have Appeared In The Vienna Zoo

Two cute prairie dog babies that were born underground in a Vienna zoo have now appeared on the surface for the first time. The two baby prairie dogs have experienced the outdoor facilities of the Tiergarten Schonbrunn zoo in Austria for the first time after they were born in mid-April 2021. Zoo Director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck told Newsflash: "The young were born and growing up in an underground burrow. When they were born, they weighed around 15 grams each, they were naked and blind." One of the two female prairie dog ...
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UNESCO Abbey Portrayed In Umberto Ecos Name Of The Rose Gets Mollusc Shell Collection Stolen By Gestapo Returned

A spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Benedictine abbey that was once plundered by the Gestapo has received back a long-lost collection of Mollusc shells 80 years after they were stolen from its natural history collection. The Gottweig Abbey which is a Benedictine monastery located near the town of Krems in the state of Lower Austria has become a tourist magnet ever since it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as part of the Wachau valley in December 2000. The monastery was formed by Altmann the then Bishop of the German ...
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