Baby Kangaroo Gets An Unexpected Visitor In Florida


This is the incredible moment a trusting kangaroo in Florida allows a zookeeper to open up her pouch and film the sleepy baby kangaroo lying inside.

A zookeeper from Animal EDventure Park in the US state of Florida recorded the images of the pouch of the mother kangaroo.

The zookeeper is positioned under the belly of the mum kangaroo, explaining that the front of her body looks big because there is a big baby lying inside her pouch.


The zookeeper then opens the pouch to reveal a young kangaroo laying inside, looking sleepy and completely unbothered.

The mum kangaroo is completely still and well behaved during the whole video, while the baby just looks once towards the camera, not interested in the uninvited guest.

The video is meant to be educational, so viewers can see what the inside of a kangaroos pouch looks like.

Animal EDventure Park is a safe ground for many kangaroos, sloths, lemurs, camels, cows, goats and birds. The majority of the animals in the Park have been rescued or adopted. The animals do not live at the Park. They are only at the Animal Park for a few hours each Sat & Sun for the visitors and they all live at a 8.5 acre home in Boynton Beach.

Animal EDventure Park provides educational experiences for their visitors, allowing them to safely meet the animals, bond with them, pet them and even feed them.

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