Baby Panda Taking A Tumble While Descending A Ladder

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  • Post published:21/07/2021
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Adventure World, Wakayama, Japan

Baby Panda Kaedehama takes a tumble while descending the ladder in her playground. This adorable panda cub is resident in Adventure World a theme park in Wakayama Japan. The park posted a short clip of the fluffy bear playing today (14th July). In the video, the cub can be seen sloppily descending down a wooden ladder. The panda goes to the side of the ladder and unsure of her step she takes a tumble, falling in between the two steps of the ladder. Laying there, Kaedehama realises she is stuck and wriggles her feet in the air, trying to change position. The moment it looks like she can land perfectly fine on her feet, the panda seems to be pulled by gravity and lands on the ground on her head. She then stretches out on her back and realises she has fallen into some bamboo branches. As if nothing happened before, the cub immediately takes interest in the tasty leaves.


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