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Bad Driver Crashes Into Wall, Reverses Into Parked Cars And Takes Off Into Building

This is the moment an elderly Chinese driver crashes into a wall before reversing into two stationary cars and speeding off into a building.

A sure-fire contender for the worst driver of the year award, the motorist was filmed making a series of damaging blunders in the district of Chongming in the Chinese city of Shanghai on 8th September.

The driver, name and gender not disclosed but said to be in their mid to late 60s, is under investigation by the local police after causing damage to at least two vehicles and a workshop.

In the footage, the driver is seen turning towards a workshop entrance but the car ends up crashing into a wall that was fortunately made of board and not brick.

As three people look on while standing next to two stationary vehicles, the elderly driver, with the wall panel still resting on the roof of their car, suddenly reverses and nearly hits a passing biker.

The motorist rams into one of the stationary cars which in turn hits the other.

While the three onlookers jump out of the way, the driver changes gear again and hits the accelerator, this time speeding through the hole they made in the wall and disappearing from view inside the building.

It is unclear if the driver or anyone else was injured in the incident, however, the police have confirmed they are looking into the matter.

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