BAREFACED CHEEKS: Naked Beauties Give Italian Churchgoers An Eyeful

Two beautiful naked holidaymakers stunned churchgoers in an Italian resort when they walked naked to their hotel after skinny-dipping in the sea.

Local media reports tell how the pair had been to a local beach for an early morning swim in Gallipoli, in southern Italy’s Lecce Province.

But they gave mass-goers an eyeful as they walked past a church on their way back to their hotel, reports local media.

Nude tourists recorded walking in Gallipoli, Italy. (CEN)

The pair were spotted by local binmen on their early morning rounds, who can be heard laughing as they are videoed following them back to their hotel.

One eyewitness can be heard saying: “Summer is here!”

According to local reports, the tourists were seen walking from the hotel and through the old town to the port at around 6am.

Nude tourists recorded walking in Gallipoli, Italy. (CEN)

It was still dark and they were reportedly already nude when they arrived at the stretch of coast known as the Beach of Purity.

After enjoying an early-morning swim, the two women made their way back to the hotel apparently wearing nothing more than their shoes.

The Beach of Purity is popular with campers and dawn swimmers.

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