Beaver Caught In Bear Trap In Stream For 7 Days

This is the moment rescuers find a beaver that had been trapped by its paw for at least a week in an illegal metal trap before it was found.

The female beaver was rescued in the town of Altheim in the Austrian state of Upper Austria, although its badly injured paw had to be amputated by vets.

The beaver was found injured in a stream and it became aggressive towards the person trying to rescue it due to the severe pain it was suffering.


Volunteers from the animal welfare organisation Pfotenhilfe brought the rodent to a vet in the city of Anif where it underwent surgery led by Dr Wolfgang Biebl on the evening of 19th April.

Pfotenhilfe managing director Johanna Stadler told Newsflash: “In case you encounter injured wild animals, please always call us immediately because this is the only way to offer the animal a chance of survival.”

Regarding the trap, she added: “This is a real scandal! It’s 2021 and we are still seeing medieval-style torture devices – for the second time within several weeks. What kind of a person is capable of deliberately torturing innocent animals and seriously injuring them?”


An examination revealed that the animal was caught in the trap for seven days at least.

After it was brought to the vet, X-ray scans showed that its bones were completely shattered due to the high impact force of the trap.

Since the beaver could not feel its paw, the only option was to amputate it.


The beaver also had jaw injuries because it was probably trying to bite through the trap. Another older injury was detected on its left hind leg which was swollen and full of pus.

Director Johanna Stadler told Newsflash: “The beaver is currently stable and its condition is improving.”

Because of the extreme outcomes, this kind of trap was banned in the EU in 1995, and the rescuer who found the beaver filed a complaint at the police station.


An investigation is currently in progress and the perpetrator faces up to two years in prison for the offence if found.

A team of experts will determine whether the animal can be set free into the wild after its recovery.


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