Viral Moment Veteran US Marine Single Handedly Disarms Robber At Petrol Station In Arizona

This is the viral moment with over a million views on one platform alone showing a veteran US Marine single-handedly disarming a robber at a petrol station in Arizona. The footage shows a US Marine veteran disarming the armed robber in a single move and when cops contacted him after the incident he told them that "the Marine Corps taught me not to [mess[ around." The incident took place at a Chevron petrol station in the city of Yuma, which is located in south-western Arizona, in the western United States ...
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Pennsylvania Woman Faces 288 Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty To Horrific Abuse Of 5 Adopted Children

A woman in Pennsylvania has pleaded guilty to horrifically abusing her five adopted children, beating them on their genitals, depriving them of food and forcing them to sleep in the cold. She faces 288 years in prison and will be sentenced at a later date. The child abuse took place in Lebanon County in the eastern US state of Pennsylvania, with Stephanie Duncan, 43, who is from Annville Township, pleading guilty to charges of abuse regarding her five adopted children, according to local media outlet the Lebanon Daily News. Stephanie ...
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Scientist Discovers Worlds Oldest Non Marine Crab Trapped In Amber For 100 Million Years

A researcher in Canada has discovered the oldest non-marine crab ever which also happens to be the most complete fossil of a crab ever discovered because it was trapped in amber for over a 100 million years. The University of Alberta said in a statement that the discovery was made by one of their PhD graduates "whose work adds to growing evidence that the crab form is an evolutionary darling". The crab in question was found encased in a piece of amber jewellery at a market in the city of ...
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Philadelphia Man Murders Stepfather In Heated Argument Over Gay Guest Says Prosecutor

A Philadelphia man who objected to having a gay person in the family home - which he referred to as a "house of God" - is on trial for shooting his stepfather to death. Christian A. Smith, 23, is on trial for murdering Dennis McKenzie, 43, in Woolwich Township, in Gloucester County, in the eastern US state of New Jersey on 9th October. The defendant was temporarily staying with his mother and stepfather and a celebration was taking place on the day of the killing. according to local media outlet ...
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New Exhibition For Rediscovered Austrian Artist Murdered At Nazi Castle Where Mentally Ill Were Gassed

A new exhibition is taking place in memory of a rediscovered Austrian artist who was murdered at a Nazi castle in 1941 where the mentally ill were systematically gassed to death. Ida Maly was an Austrian impressionist and modern artist born in Vienna in 1894 and now a memorial exhibition is taking place to mark the 80th anniversary of her death at the Lentos Kunstmuseum in the northern city of Linz, which is the capital city of Upper Austria and the country's third-biggest. Maly was diagnosed as and committed to ...
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