Pretty Mum Of One, 27, Sent Flying 10m Through Air After Jumping Red Light On Bike With No Licence

A pretty young mum who was driving a motorcycle she did not have a licence for has been hit by a car while rushing to get to the fitness studio and ignoring a red light. Jackeline da Silva Lima, 27, was hit side-on by the car and thrown through the air in the west-central Brazilian city of Campo Grande on the morning of 12th April. Footage shows how the impact of the collision threw the victim some 10 metres (33 ft), leaving the injured young woman lying on the street ...
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Top Youtuber, 24, Reveals Cancer Hole In Chest After Docs Give Up On Him

A terminally-ill YouTuber has shared pictures of a cancerous tumour that is eating him alive from the inside after claiming that doctors have given up on him months ago. Philipp Mickenbecker, 23, from the municipality of Bickenbach in the German state of Hesse, who beat cancer twice before, has confirmed that there appears to be little hope for him after a large tumorous hole appeared in his chest. The popular YouTuber has been running the invention channel 'The Real Life Guys' since 2016 with his twin brother Johannes Mickenbecker, 23, ...
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German War Ship Sunk 100 Years Ago By British Navy Could Be Leaking Dangerous Chemicals

These are the rounds of explosive ammunition that were onboard a German Imperial Navy ship when it was sunk by the British Navy in the North Sea during World War I. Now there are concerns that the explosive ammunition on board the ship which has been at the bottom of the sea for 107 years is leaking toxic chemicals into the ocean. The German Maritime Museum (DSM), the Leibniz Institute for Maritime History and the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) are working on the EU funded North Sea Wrecks (NSW) project ...
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Russian Air Force Prepares For Victory Day Parade With Low-Altitude Stunts At Eye Watering Speeds

Ministry of Defense of Russia/Newsflash This footage shows Russian fighter jets soaring through the sky at low altitude and performing acrobatic stunts at blistering speeds in preparation for the upcoming Moscow victory military parade which celebrates Russia's triumph over Germany in World War II. The footage of the training exercises which took place over the small rural locality of Alabino in the Moscow Oblast region of Russia was released by the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) this Monday (12th April). According to the Russian MoD, the victory parade will take ...
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Beautiful Teenage Transgender Woman Left Blind And Permanently Scarred In Acid Attack

Yildiz Idil Sen/Newsflash This beautiful teenage trans-woman has been left blind in one eye and almost completely blind in the other after an acid attack by her ex-boyfriend who she had recently ditched. Syrian refugee Asya Cevahir who had just celebrated her 18th birthday was leaving her home in Beyoglu in Istanbul when she was attacked with acid that was thrown into her face by her former lover, Emre Bozkurt who is Turkish. She told police she had recently broken up with him and identified him as the attacker despite ...
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