Body Of Millionaire Ex-Joop! Owner Washes Up On Dutch Beach One Week After Falling From Cruise Ship

The body of millionaire Kai Wunsche – the former owner of luxury fashion brand Joop! – has been found washed up on a Dutch beach one week after he fell from a cruise ship in the North Sea.

Millionaire Kai Wunsche, 81, was reported missing after he fell from the 200-metre-long luxury cruiser MS Europa while travelling from the German city of Hamburg to the Belgian city of Antwerp on 16th August.

Over a week after his disappearance, the police confirmed that his corpse was found washed up on a beach on the island of Terschelling in northern Netherlands on 23rd August.

Millionaire Kai Wunsche, 81, whose body was washed off the coast of the Terschelling island located in the northern Netherlands on 26th August. (Newsflash)

Local media said the businessman was onboard Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ MS Europa when he fell overboard near the Dutch island of Texel.

After he disappeared, MS Europa captain Dag Dvergastein immediately alerted the Coast Guard and a helicopter, plane and five boats were sent to look for Wunsche, which proved unsuccessful.

The Friesland police announced on Twitter on 24th August: “The body of a deceased [person] was washed up this morning on the beach in [the municipality of] Terschelling near Badweg-West [area]. The body is now being recovered. The police are investigating the identity of the man and the cause of death.”

The coast of the Terschelling island located in the northern Netherlands where the corpse of millionaire Kai Wunsche, 81, was washed off on 26th August. (Newsflash)

Two days later on 26th August, they added: “An investigation has concluded that the body is of the 81-year-old man from Germany who was reported missing from a cruise ship on 16th August. There is no evidence of a crime. The police investigation is now complete.”

The businessman owned the luxury fashion brands Joop! and Cinque in the 1990s, which he reportedly had to sell after filling for insolvency in 2002.

Wunsche, who also owned several properties in Hamburg’s best locations, was then fined EUR 36,000 (GBP 30,000) for bribing the city’s chief construction director.

The MS Europa cruise ship where millionaire Kai Wunsche was last seen on 16th August. (Hapag Lloyd Cruises/Newsflash)

Nevertheless, due to the real estate and stocks he was able to maintain his luxurious lifestyle and proceeded to collect antiques and Chinese porcelain.

According to the police, it is unclear how Wunsche fell overboard, however investigators are taking all scenarios into account.

The investigation continues.

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