Botched Cosmetics Job Leaves Woman With Uneven Eyebrow Tattoos

A botched cosmetic treatment has left this woman without uneven eyebrow tattoos and burnt skin while the person responsible now refuses to help or reimburse her.

The incident happened in the city of Ciudad de Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

These pictures were shared by Teresita Cruz who is the daughter of the woman who has not been named and the show how she was left with badly damaged skin and totally uneven eyebrows.


Teresita posted them on social media where she criticised the people responsible for the procedure saying: “If you don’t know how to do your job, then why do you do it?

“They say they are professionals and look at what they did [to my mother] and they still say it was her fault and that they will not reimburse her.”

Infobae quoted Teresita as saying her mother decided to interrupt the procedure before it was finished as she could clearly see that the design was not even or aligned. (


Despite stopping it before it was completed, it still left her with her skin burnt and without any eyebrows.

The people responsible for the eyebrow tattoo were named as Bianca Soto and Fernando Espinoza by local media outlet Infobae.

Local sources said the pair have claimed the reason why the procedure did not work was because the woman took very poor care of her skin and have refused to help or reimburse her as her neglect was the reason for the unsatisfactory result.


It is unclear if Teresita and her mum plan to seek legal action.

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