BRIT COKE BUST: Two Seized With Cocaine In Ibiza Arrests

A British national and an Irish national have been seized by Spain’s Civil Guard after trying to dump a stash of trafficked cocaine in the party island Ibiza.

Police stopped a vehicle with the two young men inside at a checkpoint in Sant Antoni de Portmany after they noticed them acting suspiciously.

After the men had got out of the car, one of them put his hand in his pocket and tried to throw away a small plastic bag.

The cocaine seized to reportedly Irish and British tourists in Sant Antoni, Balearic Islands, eastern Spain, July 2022. (Newsflash)

Police later confirmed that the bag contained 100 grammes (4 oz) of cocaine, and the men now stand accused of drug trafficking.

The Civil Guard – Spain’s national gendarmerie force – reported the arrests on Thursday, 7th July.

It did not reveal the suspects’ identities, nor did it report any information about their detention.

Sant Antoni de Portmany is a popular tourist resort and was dubbed the “clubbing capital of the universe” by Time Out Magazine.

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