Budgie Fails to Smuggle Itself Free

This is the moment when firefighters saved a budgie that got stuck when it tried to escape from the room by climbing through a keyhole.

The incident took place in the city of Hefei, located in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui on the afternoon of 14th March.

In the video, the budgie is seen trapped in a hole inside the lock core cylinder of a door as the firefighter team is struggling to rescue it.

Firemen rescue a parrot stuck in the lock core of a door on March 14th 2021 in Hefei, China. (Hefei Fire/AsiaWire)

The firefighters carefully disassembled the door lock and used special scissors to expand the lock hole.

They then pulled the stuck bird out of its trap and set it free.

The special Service of the Hefei City Fire Rescue Detachment turned up after receiving a call from the female owner of the bird, who was not named.

The woman’s report stated that her budgie had accidentally got stuck in the door while trying to get out of the room.

It was unable to move and the owner was worried that her pet bird might get hurt.

After failing to rescue the bird herself, the owner had to call the firefighters for help as the bird had been stuck for a long time.

At first, the firefighters wanted to hook the bird out with an iron hook, but it was stuck too deep.

After seeking the consent of the head of the household, the firefighters carefully removed the door lock and used special instruments to expand the lock hole.

Two minutes later, the little budgie was successfully rescued and fortunately got out of the incident without any injuries.

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