Bulldog Called Chowder Becomes Skateboarding Pro


Meet the coolest four-legged skateboarder as he cruises down the hill.

Chowder is a Bulldog pup who is taking over social media with his cuteness and his skateboarding hobby.

In a video taken by his owner, Chowder is seen standing calmly on a skateboard, confidently skating down the hill and swiftly turning his direction while shifting his weight on the board.


It’s only his second day skating at the hill, but he looks very experienced at what he does.

His owner states that Chowder has worked for over two years for this and knows what he is doing.

The pup is not in danger and has never been injured while enjoying his hobby.

His owner writes: “This happy guy is doing what he loves more than anything!”

Chowder quickly attracted a lot of fans.

Instagram user ‘kjroxie’ comments: “Way to own that hill Chowder”

Another user under the name ‘saclotusgal adds: ”Look at him go!!!”

User ‘laurahinshawtattoo’ adds: “What a boy!”

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