Canadian Teen Catches Huge 20 Foot Fish In Fraser River

This is the moment a Canadian teenager releases a huge 20-foot white sturgeon he caught while fishing with pals.

Jacob Bergen, 17, who lives along the “mighty Fraser River” in “beautiful British Columbia” in Canada, caught the huge white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) in the province’s Fraser River.

The teenager told Newsflash: “The big fish is a white sturgeon, they are prehistoric fish. All the fish I post online are either caught by me or my friends and family when fishing together.

A photo of Jacob Bergen, 17, with the White Sturgeon in British Columbia, Canada. (@outfishing_b.c/Newsflash)

“Unlike most fish, sturgeons have no bones. Their strong, unique shape is made up of cartilage and tough meat, on top of that is a very thick skin which is very hard to penetrate.

“Sturgeons also have scutes on their body, having these scutes and super thick skin is the sturgeon’s armour. White sturgeons have a possible length of 20 feet!”

Bergen told Newsflash: “I was introduced to fishing at a very young age by my dad. I grew up fishing, and then turned my hobby into a lifestyle. My favourite place to fish is on the Fraser River, it’s my home!

A photo of Jacob Bergen, 17, (left) with the White Sturgeon in British Columbia, Canada. (@outfishing_b.c/Newsflash)

“We don’t raise the fish, we catch tag (collect data) and real ease them, in the video it is two separate fish, one big and one small.”

“There is a group of people who collect data to watch the white sturgeon population, watch it grow, learn more about the fish, what areas they are in certain times of the year, how much they grow a year, if they are healthy of injured, things like that.”

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