Carrier Strike Group Ships Conduct Naval Gunfire Support Exercise In The Pacific

HMS Kent, HMS Defender and HNLMS Evertsen conducted naval gunfire support (NGFS) exercise against a land range in the Pacific while working with US Marines Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs).

Carrier Strike Group ships performed a naval combat training mission on uninhabited Farallon de Medinilla in the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, shortly after leaving Guam on 14th August.

Naval gunfire support (NGFS) also known as shore bombardment is the use of naval artillery to provide fire support for amphibious assault and other troops operating within their range. NGFS is one of a number of disciplines encompassed by the term naval fires.

Modern naval gunfire support is one of the three main components of amphibious warfare assault operations support, along with aircraft and ship-launched land-attack missiles.

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