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Cars Crushed Between Cement Mixer And Lorry But Only Two Hurt

This is the incredible moment a massive cement mixer ploughs into a line of waiting traffic, squashing two of them into a tiny space up against a bus in front.

The incident happened on a road in the capital city of Urumqi of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China.

According to police, the vehicles had been stopped waiting for the traffic lights to change, and the cement mixer had either seen the queue too late or had problems with his brakes and had not been able to stop in time.

Concrete mixer lorry collides with five vehicles in Urumqi, China. (AsiaWire)

Immediately after the accident one man can be seen opening the door of his completely mangled car and climbing out seemingly unharmed, and police said that in total only two people were slightly injured. They were treated at a local hospital before being discharged.

Police said that in total five cars were damaged, as well as the cement mixer and the bus.

It’s unclear if the additional cars had been in the queue behind and knocked out the way before they came into view of the camera, or whether they were in front when the bus was pushed forward and also caused further damage.

Concrete mixer lorry collides with five vehicles in Urumqi, China. (AsiaWire)

Police are investigating the incident.

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