Chubby-Cheeked Influencer Left Looking Like Zombie After Botched Plastic Surgery

A Brazilian influencer has been left looking like a sunken-cheeked member of the living dead after undergoing a botched plastic surgery operation.

Jessica Frozza recounted her bad experience to her TikTok followers last week, telling them: “I’ve been left looking like a living skull.” A short while later she then disabled her account.

The influencer revealed: “In the first year, you think it’s cool. But after the first year, I swear to God, my face became so flaccid. My face caved in. I know my face. I’ve been left looking like a skull. Why didn’t anyone warn me?”


She had a bichectomy, which is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the volume of the buccal fat pads, which are fatty accumulations located in the cheek region.

When reduced in size, the face is left looking sharper and the cheekbones more prominent. However, undergoing the procedure runs the risk of being left with a gaunt or aged-looking face.

Plastic surgeon Fernando Bianco told Marie Claire: “People with a fuller face are considered ideal for this procedure.


“However, nowadays, this surgery, performed mainly by dentists, is proliferating without appropriate warnings that there may be future consequences, since the presence of fat on the face has a very important role in the facial ageing process.”

Frozza has revealed she has since undergone procedures to stimulate collagen in the buccal fat pad in addition to getting fillers to lift her cheeks.

Her TikTok page, for the time being, appears to be disabled.


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