Con Artist Convinces Three Italian Sisters He Is Colin Firth And Scams Them Out Of Thousands

A con artist has defrauded three sisters in Italy out of thousands of euros after posing as award-winning British actor Colin Firth right down to mimicking his accent.

The scam began in May this year when one of the sisters from the city of Vicenza in Italy was contacted by the supposed famous British actor after he saw some of her pictures on social media.

The scammer, who apparently bore some resemblance with the actor during video calls, had also reportedly mastered his British accent, managing to convince the two sisters of the woman he initially contacted.

The actor Colin Firth. (Newsflash)

Once the three sisters were swooning over the “British actor” and eagerly responding to his messages, the scammer took this opportunity to ask for money.

He shared a ‘plan’ with his victims, saying he wanted to create an international website with images. The website apparently needed some financial support so he proposed a partnership to the three sisters.

The fake actor, just at the start of his plan apparently also contacted one of the victims through video calls to seal her trust.

The scammer then received EUR 3,300 (GBP 2,832) from the three sisters. The money was sent through three separate bank transfers.

The actor Colin Firth. (Newsflash)

Feeling very confident, the man said that he had bought three cars as a gift to the sisters. The only problem was that the cars were stuck with the American customs and in order to allow them to go on to Europe, the women had to pay EUR 21,000 (GBP 18,025). The scammer reportedly said that the money had to be transferred into his bank account and that he would settle the problem.

The bank where the three sisters conducted the transfers became suspicious of the sudden activity. Upon running a check on the account where the money was sent, the bank discovered that the bank account featured on a blacklist.

The police have started an investigation to discover the scammer’s identity. It is currently unclear if the sisters, who have not been named, have recovered their money.

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