Cop Almost Killed As Truck Speeds Past and Strikes Him With Wing Mirror


This is the moment a police officer is almost killed when a speeding truck passes dangerously near and hits him with the wing mirror as he is questioning another motorist at the side of the road.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred in the city of Edgewater in the US state of Florida, on April 15.

Deputy Liles quickly got into the police car, confirmed the incident to the dispatcher, and pursued the suspect.

The chase lasts just 40 seconds before the pickup truck turns left onto Kumquat Drive and finally stops, allowing Liles to catch up.


The police officer will immediately point the gun at the vehicle and instruct the driver to turn off the engine and slowly get out of the vehicle.

After the driver is apprehended, Liles shows his fellow officers what actually happened, eliciting shocked responses.

“It was just a mirror,” Liles explains to another officer on the scene.

“Did it hit you?” Another deputy was taken aback.

“Yes, go look in the mirror,” Liles instructed.

The video received a lot of coverage on social media and received over 700 comments.

Shelly Mill Etenson commented, “I’m happy he’s okay, but I bet he’s hurting today. How could the driver have missed the BRIGHT blinking lights!? Unfortunately, far too many people are unaware of how unsafe it is out there for our law enforcement and first responders who are only trying to protect us and keep us secure.”

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