Cop Becomes Young Leukemia Sufferers Hero For Offering To Take Pet Rooster To Farm After Noise Complaint

An Australian cop became a six-year-old leukaemia sufferers hero after he offered to take care of the boy’s pet rooster on his family farm.

Yeprad, 6, and his family had received several complaints about the noise made by their pet rooster and had just 10 days left to find somewhere to house the loud farm bird.

Yeprad’s family gave him the rooster to cheer him up following one of his chemotherapy sessions which he has been undergoing due to his stage four cancer.

The rooster that the police officer took from a farm in Fairfield City, Australia after noise complaints. (TheNSWPolice/Newsflash)

He quickly became very attached to the rooster and named it ‘Jackson’.

However, Jackson soon became too loud for the quiet neighbourhood in Sydney and noise complaints started to flood into the local police department, said Fairfield City Police in a video they posted last Thursday, 28th October.

The local council responded by ordering the family to get rid of the bord within a 10 day period.

The police officer talking with the boy with leukemia after he took care of his rooster in Fairfield City, Australia. (TheNSWPolice/Newsflash)

Constable Frankie from Fairfield City Police visited Yeprad’s house in response to the calls.

When he arrived Frankie was greeted by Yeprad who proudly showed the police officer his rooster ‘Jackson’.

After finding out that the little boy was going to lose his beloved pet Constable Frankie told Yeprad and his family that has a big farm where Jackson would be able to live a happy life roaming around the fields.

The police officer with the boy with leukemia after he took care of his rooster in Fairfield City, Australia. (TheNSWPolice/Newsflash)

Frankie told Yeprad: “Anytime you want to see Jackson you’re free to come.”

Yeprad and his family took up the offer as the little boy was ecstatic at the idea that his pet would enjoy life roaming freely on a farm with other roosters for company.

Kylie, a senior officer, described her colleague’s efforts as “wonderful” and “absolutely above and beyond.”

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