Cops Arrest Armed Woman In Underwear Who Was Harrassing Before Being Shot In LA Park

These images show police officers arresting a woman stripped down to her underwear who had been seen shooting randomly in the park before harassing ducks and who then jumped into a lake to escape capture after being shot herself.

The shooting incident occurred at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, California, in the United States on 27th April.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a video containing the body camera footage of the incident yesterday (4th May).

Los Angeles Police Department/Clipzilla

Rampart Patrol Division officers responded to a report of a female inside MacArthur Park firing a handgun into the air.

In order to locate the woman, a Police Ari Unit arrived overhead the park. Once the Air Unit located the suspect, the woman pointed her handgun at the Air Unit before continuing to walk around the park.

When on-ground officers arrived at where the woman was located, they found her walking with several bags and a suitcase firing shots at the lake.

The officers attempted to communicate with the suspect for several minutes, issuing several orders to put her gun down and to surrender to the police.

The woman ignored the orders continuously screaming “no” at the officers.

At one point she raised her gun and pointed it at the officers to which the officers fired their weapons.

After being struck by gunfire, the woman fell down on the sidewalk dropping the gun. Moments later she can be seen getting back up and walking back and forth on the pavement.

Then the woman entered the lake where she stayed for over two hours. At one point she swam to one of the islands in the lake and harassed the ducks and the birds standing there.

Eventually, she exited the lake wearing only underwear. Then the officers were able to arrest her.

Her handgun was also recovered at the scene.

No officers were injured at the scene.

The suspect was identified as 43-year-old Michele Renee Lariccia.

She was transported by rescue ambulance to a local hospital, where she underwent surgery for gunshot wounds.

Lariccia is scheduled to make her next court appearance on 11th June.

The investigation of this officer-shooting incident continues.

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