Cops Arrested Two Suspects Accused Of Attempted Murder Of Two Young Adults

Los Angeles, California, 1st July

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced the arrest of two individuals responsible for the brutal attempted murder of two young male adults. The announcement was made last week on 1st of July.

According to the police, two teenage guys were walking on Raven Lane and Avenue J-4 in Lancaster on 18th of June. The suspects of whom one was riding a bicycle and the other a skateboard opened fire on the victims as they passed them. The gunmen did not stop shooting even when one of the victims lay on the pavement in anguish and despair. The criminals continued riding their bike and skateboard. When the victims were located, multiple gunshot wounds were found on the victims’ backs, torsos, and legs. Both patients were sent to a nearby hospital, where one is still in serious condition and the other has been allowed to heal at home.

The police said that when OSS Bureau investigators arrived on the site they discovered roughly 30 spent shot casings. They quickly launched an extensive investigation, executed search warrants at two places, and on 29th of June, the OSS investigators apprehended the shooting suspects, as well as three other people. The locations also yielded a number of “ghost gun” weapons. Ghost guns are virtually undetectable firearms that may be constructed at home with legal parts acquired over the internet.

The adult suspect admitted to being a gang member and has a lengthy criminal record. He is now on parole under the supervision of the Post-Release Community Supervision Program (PRCS). Investigators were unable to interrogate the kid due to current laws.

Sheriff Villanueva stated: “Now it seems like the movement from the District Attorney’s office is ‘Let cuff the cops and release the crooks’ and that whole mentality is making its way onto the streets now where it’s more dangerous for our community members. So we need to definitely rethink what our role is and what reform really means in the criminal justice system and who’s benefitting from this reform.”


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