Crews Of Tu 95MS Planes Complete First Flights Of Summer Training Season In Adverse Weather Conditions

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  • Post published:10/06/2021
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AMUR REGION, RUSSIA – The Tu-95MS strategic missile carrier’s crew are seen here to perform the first flights of the summer training season in difficult meteorological conditions. The crews conducted the flight operations during heavy rain at the airbase Ukrainka in the Amur region, Russia and shared the video on 8th June. The Tu-95MS pilots’ mission included a training exercise on take-off and landing on a short runway in unfavourable conditions. According to the Ministry of Defence Of Russia, flight training was conducted in order to teach young personnel to control strategic missile carriers in low visibility conditions. During the flight missions, the pilots had only the equipment on board at hand. The exercise also involved experienced pilots for which the flight in a difficult meteorological situation contributes to the improvement of previously acquired skills, and to the maintenance of a high level of training.


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