DAFT AS A BRUSH: Man Searches Long And Hard For Broom Under Armpit

This is the moment a confused man searches long and hard for the broom he is holding under his armpit.

The baffled waiter was caught on CCTV as he swept up at the restaurant in Liaoyang, Liaoning province, China.

As he brushes all the trash into a neat pile, he takes a quick break to swig from a bottle of water and carefully places the broom under his arm.

Confused man searches for broom he holds under his armpit in Liaoyang, China. (Y88866688866/AsiaWire )

But after a couple of sips, he seems to have forgotten completely where he put the brush.

The waiter – shirtless with a heavily tattooed back – gazes around the room seemingly astonished that his broom has gone missing.

Finally, he remembers where he left it and starts sweeping up again as if nothing had happened.

Moments before man starts searching for a broom in Liaoyang, China. (Y88866688866/AsiaWire)

The clip was widely shared on the social network Douyin on 7th July.

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