DELUGE-IONAL: Man Ignores Rising Flood Waters For A Lay In

A man has shown off his cheerful ability to keep his head above water, when he ignored a flood inside his bedroom to have a lay-in instead.

The incident, during which the man reportedly awoke to find floodwater almost flush with his bed, took place in Bazhou, which is a city in Hebei province, not far from the Chinese capital Beijing, after intense flooding, on Monday, 4th July.

But the man in this video footage – identified only as Mr Lin – seemed relaxed despite the water having almost risen to the same height as his bed.

And rather than flee the deluge, he simply laid back and took the situation in his stride.

Another piece of footage shows a second man – named as Mr Yong in local media – with his feet in the water while sitting on his bed.

Earlier in the day, the Bazhou Meteorological Observatory had issued three rainstorm warning signals in rapid succession.

The two men, who reportedly work as epidemic prevention volunteers, were resting after a hard day’s work.

They later went out to help other people and said that by the time they returned, the water had finally begun to recede.

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