Deputy In Putins Party Facing Expulsion After Hitting Wolf With Snowmobile Then Mocking It While It Slowly Bled To Death

This is the shocking moment a deputy in Putin’s United Russia party mocks a dying wolf which he had allegedly run over with a snowmobile.

The incident, which occurred at an unspecified date last year (2020), was brought to the attention of the ruling ‘United Russia’ political party’s ethics commission which made a statement yesterday (28th April), saying that Denis Khakhalov, deputy of the Russian Kurgan Regional Duma, is likely to be expelled from the party for his actions.

He is also facing a criminal investigation.


The shocking footage shows the incapacitated wolf with blood gushing from its face whilst Khakhalov and his friends sneer and laugh at the dying animal.

At one point, the group take a shotgun and shoves its barrel down the animal’s throat whilst it squirms under the weight of the snowmobile, which is crushing its body into the ground.

Local news outlet Life reports that Khakhalov claims he was not the one who pushed the shotgun barrel into the animal’s mouth and then said that the hunt was perfectly legal and carried out with the correct permits.


He added that the wolf was a potential threat to the hunters’ safety, and they wanted to ‘finish it off’ without shooting it.

The footage which was captured in the Central Rusian Sverdlovsk Oblast region were brought to the attention of the political party’s Ethics Commission by employees of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

The commission responded to the images stating that: “We have come to the conclusion that Denis Khakhalov has lost his humanity by mocking and torturing a wounded animal.”


It went on: “Khakhalov has violated not only the parties ethical norms but also the more general universal human norm.”

Alexander Khinshtein, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of ‘United Russia’, said, “In the near future, he {Khakhalov} will be expelled from the party.”

He added: “We also want to encourage the Attorney General’s Office to open an investigation into the legality of the hunt.”


The final confirmation on the Deputy’s expulsion will be made in the coming weeks.

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