Detroit Man Locked Women In Basement And Forced Them To Take Drugs And Work As S3x Slaves

A suspected Detroit pimp has been arrested for locking women in a basement before regularly beating and raping them as well as forcing them to take drugs and work as sex slaves.

Quiyemabi Summerlin, 42, has been charged with running a sex trafficking ring at his home on Berden Street in Detroit in the northern US state of Michigan where he was arrested last week.

According to the federal authorities, Summerlin locked at least 10 different women in the basement where he allegedly beat, raped, and fed them drugs on plates as well as forced them to have sex with clients for cash.

Quiyemabi Summerlin from Detroit, who has been charged with sex trafficking. (Michigan Sex Offender Registry/Newsflash)

The suspect, a convicted sex offender, was detained by the police last week after investigators smashed his alleged sex ring, according to a federal affidavit cited by FOX 2 Detroit.

The police first launched the investigation in 2019 after one victim told officers that the suspect raped her on two occasions and made her live in the basement, according to the report.

She also claimed that Summerlin forced her to have sexual intercourse with clients for cash in the basement as well as handing over the full amount to the suspect afterwards.

Following the victim’s complaint, the police identified nine other women and believe that there could be more.

According to the authorities, the victims said Summerlin was a violent pimp who often threatened them with a gun and beat them for pleading for some food. He is also accused of raping them on multiple occasions.

The affidavit said the victims were made to earn a minimum of USD 1,000 a day while forcing them to take drugs such as crack cocaine, fentanyl and heroin, that were provided on plates when the customers were not around.

The police added that Summerlin used baby monitors to listen to the victims, who have not been named, in the basement.

Officers searched the suspect’s home on 14th October and discovered two victims in the basement.

One woman claimed she had been locked in the basement for three months while the other said she had been held there for three days.

Officers also discovered a loaded shotgun in the living room and two packets of drugs, later proved to be cocaine and fentanyl following tests, according to the police.

Summerlin has been charged with sex trafficking by force, maintaining a drug home, and other gun and drug-related crimes.

The investigation continues.

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