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Moment Man Rams Pickup Truck Into Police Cars At Over 100 MPH, Resulting In Fiery Explosion

This is the moment a man rams his car into a mobile command post at over 100 miles per hour, resulting in a fiery explosion. The incident took place in the census-designated place of Denair in the US state of California on the night of 14th June. The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department had received a call earlier in the evening from the wife of 39-year-old Javier Cueto-Aldaz, who said her husband was suicidal and had a knife. The 39-year-old Javier Cueto-Aldaz driving over 170 kilometres per hour before he crashed ...
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Body Cam Footage Captures The Moment A Cop Is Fatally Shot Whilst Responding To A Domestic Violence Call

This is the shocking moment a cop is checking up on a domestic abuse call and as the front door to the house opens a man pokes his head out and before either of them can say a single word he shoots the police officer dead. The incident occurred when Officer Jimmy Inn, age not stated, was called to investigate a domestic abuse report on La Cresta Way in the city of Stockton in California at around 10.00 am on 11th May. Officer Inn's bodycam footage shows him slowly approaching ...
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Turkish Firefighters Cut Tyre Free From Around Cows Neck

This is the moment Turkish firefighters cut a tyre free from around a cow’s neck. The incident was filmed near the city of Trabzon in the northern Turkish province of the same name after a passerby spotted the cow with a tyre wrapped around its neck and tried to remove it. When the kindhearted passerby was unable to remove the tyre, they alerted the local authorities. The cow which had a tire stuck on its head before firefighters removed it in the city of Trabzon in Turkey. (Newsflash) The local ...
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Mass Shooter Fires Into Crowd At Fathers Day Celebration Event In Florida Killing 1 And Leaving 9 Injured

This is the moment cops drag a suspected mass shooter from under a car where he had taken cover after he allegedly opening fire at a father's day celebration event killing one and injuring nine other people. The suspected mass shooter, Rapheal Thomas, 22, was arrested by cops in the Royal Park area in the city of Wildwood in the state of Florida at around 8.00 pm on Sunday (20th June). The dramatic bodycam footage shows the cops moving towards the suspect with their guns drawn. Rapheal Thomas (22) suspected ...
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K9 Takes Down Fleeing Suspect After Dramatic Car Chase

This is the moment a K9 police dog pins down a criminal after a dramatic car chase with Florida cops. The incident took place in Marion County in the US state of Florida on 19th June when Gregory Lee Linder, 33, attempted to flee a traffic stop. The Marion County Sheriff's Office said on social media: “K-9 Adelmo hopefully taught this criminal not to run again… Being a criminal is a bad decision…running from the police is a bad decision…not listening to K-9 warnings is a painful decision. High-speed chase ...
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Senegalese Migrant Praised For Saving Life Of Man That Fell in River

This is the moment a Senegalese migrant risks his own life in Northern Spain when he jumps into a river to save the life of an old man who had fallen into the water, passed out and was on the cusp of drowning. Mohamed Diouf, a Senegalese migrant living in the Northern Spanish city of Bilbao, saved the 72-year-old man, who was not named, after he fell from Misericordia bridge into the Bilbao estuary at 3.00 pm last Sunday (20th June). Mohamed told local news site Antena 3 Noticias that: ...
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Driver Miraculously Survives After Her Car Is Completely Crushed Between Two Lorries

This is the moment a car is completely crushed between two lorries, with its driver miraculously surviving with relatively minor injuries. CCTV footage shows the moment the incident took place on the BR-070 motorway in the Brazilian city of Varzea Grande on 10th June. The recording shows how the car waits behind a stationary lorry while another lorry behind the car fails to stop and crashes into it, pummelling it into the back of the first lorry. The accident in which a woman managed to stay alive after her vehicle ...
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