F-35C Lightning II Strike Fighters Prepare For Deployment That Supports Maritime Security Operations

The F-35C Joint Strike Fighter of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) conducted flight operations preparing for a deployment that has an aim to support global maritime security operations.

The hands-on preparations were recorded by the U.S. Navy off of the coast of the Pacific Ocean on the 2nd of August.

Although routine, the deployment is expected to extend through the Pacific and into the Middle East providing a presence in the tense areas of the world and possibilities to exercise with army allies and partners.

The strike group equipped with the newest F/A-18E-F Super Hornets in the inventory conducted pre-deployment training and a certification event with a massive destroyer squadron of eight ships.

Rear Adm. Dan Martin, the commander of the Vinson strike group, said: “We’ve increased the numbers of aircraft: we’re going to sail with seven EA-18G Growlers [compared to the usual five], 10 F-35s, we’re going to sail with five E-2D Hawkeyes [compared to the usual four].”

“We’re bringing more capability, we’re bringing more quantity, and we figured out just through training and analyzation of our tactics and techniques and procedures that this is the right amount: this is the right amount of air crew, the right amount of airframes.”

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