Fawn Horrifically Burned During Wildfires In Sardinia That Was Expected Never to Walk Again Stands On Her Own

A baby fawn that survived the wildfires in Sardinia has become a symbol of local determination to overcome the devastation caused by the blaze.

Given the name Lussurzesa, the young deer is currently undergoing recovery in the Duemari veterinary clinic in Oristano, in Sardinia in Italy after being recovered from the wildfires raging at Santu Lussurgiu, in the Oristano area.

Lussurzesa was saved by hunters who visited the area searching for injured animals. The fawn was found lying next to its mother’s charred body with all of her four legs badly burned.

As a result of her injuries, she was unable to move.

The fawn was brought to the Duemari veterinary clinic in Oristano where vet Monica Pais started taking care of her.

It was the decision of rescuers to name her after the place where she was found.

Although all of her four legs were so badly burned that vets treating her believed she would never walk again, the fawn was later pictured standing determinedly on all four legs, looking straight at the camera.

According to Monica Pais, the fawn is slowly getting used to living with other animals. She was already weaned so she now eats hay and fodder.

The vet clinic has become the home for many animals who were injured and burned during the fires and is currently taking care of dogs, cats, sheep and even foxes alongside Lussurzesa.

The devastating blaze that hit the region started when a wildfire broke out on the island of Sardinia on 24th of July. Due to the high temperatures, dry vegetation and strong winds, the wildfire spread rapidly.

In just a few days the fire burned over 11,000 hectares of land, destroying olive groves, forests, farms, vineyards and villages.

Because of the fast-spreading fire over 1,000 residents and tourists have been evacuated. There haven’t been any serious injuries or deaths reported, but the fire destroyed a large amount of wildlife.

The environmental damage caused by the fire is estimated to count to EUR 1 billion (GBP 848,450,000). A serious problem that occurred because of the wildfire is the demolition of around 500 beehives that have been reported by beekeepers on the island.

It is believed that it would take over 15 years to rebuild the woodland area destroyed by the fire.

The Italian Fire Brigade received help from France and Greece who each deployed 2 firefighting planes to the Italian island.

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