Freeman, The Alpaca Enjoys Ice-Cold Drink At Zoo

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  • Post published:21/07/2021
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Saint Louis, Missouri

Freeman, the alpaca enjoys an ice-cold drink from the hose during the hot summer times. Freeman lives with his buddies, Andrus (the alpaca) and Bubbles (the dwarf zebu) that can be seen in the background at Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri. Zoo staff shared the video on the Facebook platform with the following message: ” He loves a nice cool bath in the kiddie pool and an ice-cold drink from our hose.” According to the zoo post, alpacas are related to camels and were fully domesticated in South America thousands of years ago. The two types of alpaca that live at the zoo are Huacaya and Suri and both are covered with soft wool. Huacaya is much more common and has a “woolly” appearance because their fibres grow perpendicular to the skin.


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