Goose Family Given A Police Escort To Cross Nevada Highway


This is the adorable moment a state trooper gives an escort to a family of geese who wanted to cross the highway.

The stroll was captured on a video posted by Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) Southern Command recently in the US State of Nevada.

In the video, a geese family walking lined one behind another is trying to cross the highway, while on their stroll.


Luckily a trooper nearby noticed them and he ensured the animals got to the other side safely.

The parents and four little ones, calmly obey the officer who is escorting them.

They manage to get to the other side, moving in front of the parked cars.

NHP Southern Command jokes that the trooper gave them a verbal warning for their whereabouts.

NHP tweeted: “Troopers quickly escorted them off of the Highway safely and gave them a verbal warning. Next time they will be issued a citation.”

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