GREAT FRIGHT: Terrifying Close Up Of Great White Shark’s Bite

This is the moment a great white shark shows off its Jawsome bite as it moves in for its close up with a marine cameraman.

The video was recorded off Guadalupe Island, located in Mexico, and posted on 28th April.

The huge shark can be seen following a bait lure through the water and then turns to face camerman Euan Rannachan.

Great white shark at Guadalupe island, Mexico. (euanart/Clipzilla)

As the great white gets closer, its massive jaws open showing the predator’s rows of razor-sharp teeth before turning away.

Euan posted this video is his Instagram page @euanart where he posts real shark-related content.

Rannachan records most of his videos inside a secured cage underwater.

Great white shark at Guadalupe island, Mexico. (euanart/Clipzilla)

He also offers tours to see sharks for people interested in seeing them up close and getting an adrenaline rush going.

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