Greek Photographer Wows With Snaps Of Athens Acropolis And Other Landmarks

These are the stunning images of the Acropolis of Athens and other Greek landmarks taken by photographer Nikos Nikoletakis.

Nikoletakis, who was born in Chania in Crete and now lives in the Greek capital Athens, boasts 16,000 followers on Instagram where he shares his photography collection.

Nikoletakis, who preferred not to give his age but said he was “old enough to have two sons aged 15 and 13”, told Newsflash that he uses a Nikon D750 as his main camera.

A photo of Acropolis of Athens by Nikos Nikoletakis from Athens, Greece. (@nikos_nikoletakis/Newsflash)

The photographer, who has over 22 years’ experience as a journalist for TV, radio and print media, added that he uses a Nikon D3200 as a secondary camera and a Sony Alpha for videos.

Nowadays, Nikoletakis, who is also a moderator of numerous professional social media accounts, mainly works for the Attica-based TV channel Action 24.

He told Newsflash: “I prefer nature and female portraits. I choose subjects that are interesting to me. For example, I avoid shooting landscape nature photos when the sky is clear without clouds or very moody.

A photo of Nikos Nikoletakis from Athens, Greece. (@nikos_nikoletakis,@nikisavvidi/Newsflash)

“I want people to look at my photos and be impressed so I sometimes use special effects, it depends on the image.

“Nowadays, I prefer taking photos for female portraits. I find it a much more interesting subject as the years go by.”

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