Head Of Ant That Bit Man On The Eye Remains Wedged In His Eyeball

This image shows the head of a flying ant protruding from a man’s eyeball after it entered his eye while riding his motorbike.

Dr Teh Wee Min, 39, told Newsflash that the ant’s jaws were still clenching onto the patient’s eye when he inspected the biker at his clinic in Malaysia.

The medic, who has been working as a doctor for 14 years, with six years as an eye specialist, said the patient came to see him the day after the incident, meaning he had the ant lodged in his eyeball for a whole day.

The eye of the man who had head of an ant inside, on 22 June 2021 in Malaysia. ( Teh Wee Min, OasisEye Specialists/Newsflash)

Dr Teh posted images of the patient’s eye on Facebook on 22nd June with the message: “Ant head stuck to the eye (the jaws still clenched tight!).”

He told Newsflash that the ant had entered the man’s right eye while he was riding his motorbike.

The patient then rubbed his eye and thought he managed to remove something small, however, the discomfort remained and he decided to seek medical attention the next day.

The eye of the man who had head of an ant inside, on 22 June 2021 in Malaysia. (Teh Wee Min, OasisEye Specialists/Newsflash)

Dr Teh examined the patient and soon realised that an ant’s head was lodged in his eyeball.

He added: “He was lucky it was just at the white part of the eye. If it had landed on the cornea (central transparent area of the eye) and the ant injected toxins into it, his vision may have been severely affected.”

The patient was reportedly not wearing a safety helmet at the time of the incident.

Dr Teh reminded motorcyclists to always wear a helmet and to keep their visor down while riding or to wear sunglasses, adding that workers should always use protective eyewear to safeguard their eyesight as well.

Dr Teh told Newsflash that it was the “weirdest case” he had ever dealt with, and the first time he had seen an insect’s head still stuck on a patient’s eyeball.

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