Heartbreaking Moment Black Dog Guards Dead Pal In Middle Of Busy Street

This is the sad moment a dog guards its dead pal in the middle of a busy road after the animal was accidentally hit by a car and killed.

The heartbreaking scene was filmed in the city of Taiyuan in the Chinese province of Shanxi on 4th September.

According to the news site Weibo, the dog was hit by a car and killed on a busy city street and its companion stayed in the road to keep guard and apparently attract help.

Dog refuses to leave its killed companion in Taiyuan, China. (1080118002/AsiaWire)

The poor pooch reportedly remained by its dead pal’s side for a long time before local residents arrived on the scene to remove the body and take the other dog to safety.

It is unclear what happened to the dog after residents removed the dead canine and led the other animal away from the busy street.

In the first video, the black dog is seen sitting by its dead companion’s side in the middle of the road.

Dog refuses to leave its killed companion in Taiyuan, China. (1080118002/AsiaWire)

The second clip shows a man, accompanied by at least one council worker, removing the dead dog from the street and placing it in a bag.

Meanwhile, its pal is seen going up to the dead animal in the bag before sniffing it one last time.

It is unclear if the dogs were strays or kept as pets.

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