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Two Germans Return 34 Pre-Columbian Artifacts Including A Mayan Clay Bowl To Mexican Embassy

Two private collectors from Germany have voluntarily returned 34 pre-Columbian artifacts including pieces made by the Mayas to the Mexican Embassy in the city of Berlin. The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that about three dozen archaeological pieces were handed over to the country's embassy in the city of Berlin in Germany by two private collectors who were not named on Wednesday on 16th June 2021. Alejandro Celorio who is the Mexican foreign minister's legal consultant said: "Two German citizens approached our embassy in Berlin to express their interest ...
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Chinese Scientists Find Fossil Of Jawed Fish From 423 Million Years Ago

Chinese scientists have discovered the first fully-preserved fossils of a jawed fish that lived around 423 million years ago. The Chongqing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, based in the Chinese megacity of Chongqing, made the announcement on 21st June after the fossil was found in Xiushan County. According to the researchers, the Biancheng fish lived during the Silurian period, the third period of the Paleozoic Era, around 423 million years ago. Researchers have discovered the Silurian fish fossil old about 423 million years ago in Chongqing, China. (Chongqing Planning ...
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Vandals Destroy Valley Of Tombs Bronze-Age Burial Site In Kazakhstan

A tour guide on her way to work has discovered that a 3,500-year-old burial ground she frequently visited was destroyed by vandals who smashed ancient tombstones and damaged countless artefacts. Tour guide Marina Karimova arrived at the Valley of The Tombs located in the Kazakh region of Pavlodar with a group of excited tourists only to find the site had been vandalised last weekend (12th June). Marina told the news site Tengrinews: "We came on an excursion and noticed that the stones were scattered around, everything was torn apart, even ...
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24-Hour Guard For Ancient Mosaic Found In House In Turkish Village

A 24-hour watch has been set up to guard a spectacular ancient mosaic that was illegally unearthed from the floor of a house in a Turkish village that is the site of a 3,500 years of settlement. The historical piece was revealed after the Turkish gendarmerie raided a house where illegal excavations by treasure hunters were reported being carried out in the neighbourhood of Yukaribilen in the town of Islahiye in Gaziantep Province in south-eastern Turkey. They found the crooks in the process of unearthing the mosaic which it is ...
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Weenie Pocket Underpants Reveal Fashion Sense Of Habsburg Royals During The Renaissance

A yellow pair of silky underpants with a weenie pocket knitted in the front will showcase the fashion style of the House of Habsburg royals during the renaissance in an exhibition in Austria. High-class Habsburg clothing among which a pair underwear with a pocket especially knitted for Augustus Elector of Saxony's manhood will be exhibited in the Ambras Castle which is a part of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in the German city of Innsbruck. Augustus was the youngest child and third (but second surviving) son of Henry IV, Duke of Saxony, ...
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Spanish Officials Offer To Buy A Cup Of Coffee As A Thank You For Man Who Found Roman Anchor On Seabed

A Spanish man who went snorkelling has found a 1,700-year-old Roman anchor on the sea bottom, and was only invited for a coffee as a thank you by local officials. The historical piece was found by a local resident, Felix Alacon, in the waters of Playa de Palma in Mallorca, Spain. He said that he has seen the object a while back during one of his snorkel missions, but its worth was revealed only recently after it was recovered by the Civil Guards. Felix Alacon spoke with local news Ultima ...
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Gestapo Staged Hunt The Jew Shooting Party In Last Days Of The War

As Russian forces closed in on the Austrian capital Vienna in the last days of the war an elite group of SS officers, Gestapo leaders and local socialites gathered for a party where the highlight was to shoot a Jew. After the massacre of dozens of Jewish prisoners, who were being kept at a castle in a village in southern Burgenland near the Hungarian border, the partygoers continued drinking, leaving the remaining prisoners to bury the bodies. The bodies were never discovered, but now digging has begun under the watchful ...
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