HMS Dragon And HMS Argyll Conducts Combat Fires Offshore

ROYAL NAVY: Two Royal Navy frigate conducts live firing operation of built-in weapons during a multinational at-sea demonstration exercise. HMS Dragon in company with HMS Argyll performed several combat fires offshore and shared the great moment on 7th June. During Europe’s biggest and most complex air and missile exercise, Formidable Shield 21, the two warships fired from 30mm Automated Small Calibre Gun, Phalanx CIWS and Sea Viper missile systems. Formidable Shield 21 is a live 2-week exercise bringing together allied nations in UK waters to demonstrate effective integrated air and missile defence, including interoperability, command, and control. The exercise is designed to improve collaborative allies in an environment of integrated air and missile defence under NATO supervision and urging.

Footage posted: 7 June 2021

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