Hospital Encourages COVID Mums-To-Be To Sing To Restore Lungs

A hospital is offering music therapy to pregnant women suffering with COVID-19 as singing helps to restore their lungs.

The therapy, implemented by doctors from the Research Institute for Mother and Child Health Care in the Republic of Moldova, is taking place at a hospital in the country’s capital Chisinau.

Pregnant women who suffered a severe form of COVID-19 infection are being encouraged to sing to restore their affected lungs, according to the news site Aleph News.


Doctors say a good way for patients to recover from the infectious disease is to fill their lungs with oxygen, and singing is a good way to do this.

Institute officials said the music therapy is a new initiative and mothers-to-be are responding well to unusual treatment.

In the footage, a doctor is seen crooning along with a pregnant patient as a karaoke song plays on a smartphone.


Wearing a face mask, face shield, and full protective garb, the medic jigs along to the feelgood music as he accompanies the mum-to-be while singing.

Facebook user ‘Mihaela Gincul’ commented: “Bravo for the idea!”

Netizen ‘Ala Burlacu’ wrote: “A brilliant idea! Good luck to you!”


‘Viorica Pirvu’ said: “Very beautiful.”

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