Huge Factory Explosion As Rain Swollen River Floods Into Aluminium Smelting Plant

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  • Post published:21/07/2021
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This is the huge fireball that erupted into the sky after an accident at an aluminium alloy plant where incredibly nobody was hurt.

The blast happened on Tuesday morning in Dengfeng, in Central China’s Henan Province yet despite the size of the blast, local officials said that there were no casualties reported.

The explosion happened in the early hours of the morning around 6 AM and was reportedly caused after heavy rainfall caused flooding.

An explosion occurred in a factory in Dengfeng, China, on 20th July 2021. (Zhongshi/AsiaWire)

Officials said that the heavy rains meant water from a nearby river flowed into the aluminium alloy plant near Gaocheng township.

The water then flooded into an alloy tank heated to an ultrahigh temperature which then exploded.

Local council officials said that the water levels at the Yinghe River had risen so quickly it was impossible to react in time and the surrounding walls of the factory had collapsed under the pressure.

An explosion occurred in a factory in Dengfeng, China, on 20th July 2021. (Zhongshi/AsiaWire)

Dengfeng Meteorological Service had issued an alert for the rainstorm on Monday which by the following morning was raised to a red alert which is the highest on the scale.

Clean-up work is currently taking place and local officials pledged tougher flood control measures as well to prevent similar incidents in the future.


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