Huge Tiger Turns Tables on Villagers by Attacking Them In Car

This is the moment a huge tiger weighing over 200 pounds turns the table on villagers that were trying to chase it away in a car by smashing into the side of it as they were trying to flee.

After denting the side of the car, the huge big cat then sprinted off into the distance, pouncing on a woman, but incredibly leaving her completely unharmed.

The Siberian tiger, which, according to the Amur Tiger Center, had wandered into the village of Turiy Rog in the far eastern Russian province of Primorye from China by accident, has since been safely captured by experts.


Local media news outlet Life reports that the local residents took it upon themselves to drive the tiger away from their farms after the big cat, which is estimated to weigh between 100–167 kilogrammes (220–368 lbs), was seen stalking around their small village.

In the footage recorded by the car’s driver, the tigress can be seen bounding towards the vehicle and then heard smashing into its side as the terrified driver clumsily tries to drive away.

Amur Tiger Center heaped praise on the animal that didn’t harm a single resident in a statement on social media saying: “Despite being provoked, the tigress showed a huge amount of self-restraint.”


They added: “She crumpled the side of a car, and after that inflicted no serious injuries on the woman that she pounced on.”

The centre reported that an expert was sent to the scene and captured the tiger, which is now going through a medical check-up.

If the animal is confirmed to be healthy, it will be released back into the wild.


The centre told locals never to attempt to control a wild tiger, to keep their distance, and call a specialist.

The Siberian Tiger is consider endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with only 3,900 of them left in the wild.

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