JUST NIPPING OUT: Diver’s Encounter With Amazing Arrow Crab

This is the moment a beautiful Arrow Crab encounters a diver.

The video of the crustacean was recorded by Zachariah Miller, 23, in Blue Heron Bridge, in the sunny West Palm Beach, in the state of Florida, located in the South of the US, and published on17th May.

The footage shows the diver while the spider-like crab with colourful stripes walks on him.

Arrow Crab playing with diver at Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach Florida. (@marine.biology.daily, Zachariah Miller/Clipzilla)

At the end of the video, the animal leaves Zachariah and heads back to its marine habitat.

The 23-year-old marine ecology expert said: “Arrow Crabs are some of my favorite critters at Blue Heron Bridge.

“Each one has different color patterns and personality.

” Their miraculous ability to decorate their head spike (rostrum) with other marine life means that you see something new every time you float by one!”

He later told Clipzilla he specialised in research into mangrove coastline restoration.

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