Kurizo The Fluffy Chow Chow Melts The Internet With Cuteness

This fluffy Chow Chow has become an online sensation for these adorable clips of it dressed as Harry Potter and appearing drunk while snoring its head off at nap time.

The gorgeous pooch, named Kurizo, lives with its owner in the Japanese prefecture of Nagano and has its own Instagram page with 45,000 followers.

The owner told Newsflash that Kurizo came from a kennel in Nagano and that it is no problem to look after, adding that the dog’s favourite food is chicken and that it weighs 73 lbs (5 stone).

Fluffy chow chow snoring while he sleeps Japan. (@kurizo_chow/Newsflash)

The Chow Chow loves walking and dressing up for fun snaps to include on its growing Instagram page ‘Kurizo Chow’.

In one funny clip, Kurizo is heard snoring its head off as it enjoys a nap on the floor and has been dressed up to appear drunk with a neck tie around its head and an empty bottle of booze by its paws.

In the second clip, the fluffy dog is seen climbing steep steps with its owner at a picturesque nature spot.

Fluffy chow chow snoring while he sleeps Japan. (@kurizo_chow/Newsflash)

The third video shows Kurizo dressed as Harry Potter while resting on a pile of large books amid a setting that resembles Hogwarts from the famous film series.


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