Launches Of Guided AirTo Surface Missiles By Russian Air Force Crews

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  • Post published:20/06/2021
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Russian Air Fore crews performed practical launches of airborne guided missiles during a tactical flight exercise.

Fighter pilots of the Western Military District conducted their flight mission at the Kopanskaya training ground in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, and shared the training footage yesterday (15 June).

The tactical flight exercises started with the pilots flew from Karelia and the Kursk region to a military airfield in the Voronezh region, from where they flew to an altitude of up to 8,000, passed a specified route over 600 kilometers long, and at a specified time arrived in a firing zone.

During the exercise the Su-30SM, Su-34, and Su-35 fighters’ crews hit ground targets imitating a column of armored vehicles, aviation at airfields, and fortified enemy command posts, using air-to-surface guided high-precision missiles at ranges up to 2,000 meters in the coastal zone of Lake Khan.

More than 15 missile launches were carried out during the tactical mission, 10 aircraft and about 200 servicemen were involved in the flight operation.


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