Live Stream Sales Pitch From Shoe Shop Owner To Clients Cut Short When Armed Robber Steals Phone

This is the moment a shop owner’s promotional video for her newly opened shoe store is cut short when an armed gunman comes in and steals the phone that she is using to live stream to viewers on social media.

Daiane Pereira, 32, was robbed while she live-streamed the promotional video from her recently reopened shoe shop in the Brazilian municipality of Santos on 6th May.

The businesswoman was attempting to promote shoes to her followers on social media following the store’s pandemic closure when a man turned up on a bike and started to loiter outside the store.


Upon realising that only two women – Daiane and her employee – were inside, he walked in and announced a hold-up.

The shop owner later told news site G1: “He threatened us, saying he was armed, showing us the end of a gun inside a bag.

“Then he grabbed my mobile phone and the shop’s mobile phone and he then asked me and my employee to go to the back of the store.”


She revealed the man then fled the scene with his bike and the stolen goods.

Daiane subsequently filed a police report and posted the store camera footage of the robbery to social media in the hope that the perpetrator would be identified.

The store owner revealed that she had had to close her shop just three months after it opened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


She had only just reopened the shop and was trying out novel ways to make ends meet, such as marketing her shoes on social media, to make up for the lost sales.

In the wake of the robbery, she took to social media to write: “We’re working, reinventing ourselves in times of pandemic, and this happens, your work tools are snatched.”

She added: “But I believe in the power of God.”


According to G1, the live-stream was also being watched by “dozens” of viewers at the time of the robbery.

At the time of reporting, the thief had not been identified.

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